2024 ANALYSIS FLY-IN: June 4 & 5 at Newton Municipal Airport

Newton Municipal Airport (KTNU)
Elev 953′ Unicom-122.8
R-Way 14/32 5600×100 Concrete

The 2024 ANALYSIS FLY-IN is being held at Newton Municipal Airport on June 4th and 5th.  Currently the plan is to conduct liquid testing on the 4th and dry testing on the 5th.  As you all know, this activity is weather driven, so if it happens to be raining on the 4th we will conduct liquid testing on the 5th.

If any of your aircraft are up for FAA inspection, you do have the option of scheduling that review with the FAA at the 2024 ANALYSIS FLY IN!  The FAA is excited about the opportunity to work with you in order to complete your inspection and you get an analysis on the same day.  It is a WIN-WIN for both you and the FAA. Simply contact the DSM FSDO and coordinate that requirement with them.  If you are wondering if you should take advantage of this benefit, contact the FAA or me. I have a list of operators that have aircraft due for inspection through September and the FAA representative responsible to work with you.

So come to the Fly In and demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to Ag Aviation and to the Iowa Agricultural Aviation Association. We’ll all have a blast!

Lastly, if you have any ground crew or support staff that would like to assist the Analysis staff with working the line, running supplies from the line to the analysis table or back, and generally keeping the operation running smoothly, simply have them show up and we’ll find a spot for those assistants to excel!